Founded in 2011, Connecticut native Matthew Reisman developed his design career as an Eastern Connecticut State University  business student.

As a young child, art(s) and diverse creative expressions were consistently introduced and instilled as personal developments. Reisman's artistic abilities were encouraged by his grandmother Sylvia; a painter, who taught and experimented with many artistic mediums.

Throughout his childhood, Reisman attended art classes, shows and studios with his grandmother. There, Reisman was exposed to different abstract techniques and the creative process, learning and understanding the transition from inspirations to developing conceptual translations. 

As a business student Reisman found refuge in his dorm room where he honed his interest in fashion and began to self educate himself on methods of sewing, garment construction and draping; experimenting with common household items including curtains, bedsheets and tin foil.  

After graduating Reisman worked as a tailor where he developed professional techniques and built his first full collection entitled "Regal".  

Reisman has since gained recognition and his works have been featured within : "Middletown Press", "Better CT", "CT Style", "Hartford Courant", and Bravo Tv's "Blood, Sweat and Heels".